Introducing Bounce Eco Salon

Bettering your experience while reducing the carbon footprint.

Respect for the most beautiful woman we ever knew.

Over 4 billion years old.
And she shows no sign of aging.
Constantly changing with time.
Displaying colours and life not possible even in our wildest imaginations.
She gave us the mountains.
She gave us the trees.
She gave us ‘us'.
With beautiful hair, eyes, hands and legs. A work of genius.
And we want to give back to her - in a small way - what she gave to us in the first place. Beauty.

Sustainable beauty for you and Earth.

“Leaving the planet better than how we found it.”

Our co-founder Vikram Mohan talks about sustainable beauty.

Less is more

We are reducing our consumption of resources to reduce our carbon footprint. And this is only the beginning.


70% of the interiors is upcycled.


70% of the operations is solar powered.


30,000 gallons of water saved every year


Hemp towels and glasses. Eco-friendly toiletries and cleaners.